One to One Individual Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching doesn’t focus on the mistakes or what is wrong. We work together and coach all of you.

Transformation and sustainable change begins with a willingness to be uncomfortable. How you sit in that discomfort and come out on the other side creates the runway for stepping into the version of yourself you’ve always imagined.

Together in our work you can develop “Hardcore Mindfulness™”, a dedicated self-awareness which helps you create a ‘Powerful Personal Toolbelt” that helps develop and reinforce new behaviors and ways of thinking. Just think of the possibilities.

  • Build new behavior connectors through contrary actions
  • Identify your triggers and the actions to bring about noticeable change
  • Develop a “Pre Shot” routine for uncomfortable or stressful situations
  • Respond vs React
  • Pause when Agitated
  • Reframe those voices in your head and narratives you tell yourself

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“I am forever changed. Can’t quite put into words the gratitude I have… From taking that leap of faith to call you and inquire about a referral… and the turning point of you saying to me ‘I want to be your coach — forever changed.”

– L. Remunds

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